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The Arcade

...getting into an adventure might lead to an unknown world...
It was the summer of 2017, and Ron just turned 16. To celebrate his birthday, he decided to go to the arcade with his two best friends. While riding on their bikes, this is how their conversation went:

Sarah: "Hey loser, what do you want to do for your sweet 16 today?"

Ron: "Sweet? Nah, I want it to be thrilling! Tonight, I will have as much fun as I can. I'm so bummed that summer break is about to be over."

Mike: "Oh come on, it's only 25th July! We still have a whole week left to enjoy."

Sarah: "Well, I know Ron is only bummed because he has to go back to school and retake Algebra."

Ron: "Ugh, don't even talk about it right now; I don't want to ruin my birthday by talking about something I hate."

Upon reaching the arcade, they all ran towards their favorite game machines. Ron's favorite was the Pinball machine, but today he wanted to play on the bigger one. All the big machines were for elder kids, and they weren't allowed to go there. Ron being the rebellious one, snuck out when no one was looking and went through the door where those machines were.