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My Grandmother is defined by the doors we decide to open...
"My grandmother just passed away recently. She had left many boxes of books for me, her only granddaughter. While going through the third box, I found a journal book with a red cover, with writings in purple ink, as old as time.
Some of the pages were love letters...for sure. Grandpa passed away in the war when he was young...then...who were those letters for?
Who was grandma’s “breath-taking music from heaven”?
Did she love someone more than my grandpa? I have to find out.
My grandmother was a writer...the clues might be hidden among the lines.

Now, my friend, I would love your help. I have translated her writing to English. Perhaps, if we could gather enough clues based on her words, visit the locations that she has been to with that man...we may just be able to figure out the mystery. I’ve only got a couple of hours left before I have to leave the city."

Let’s go!