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Arsene Lupin

27th Of October

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About The Event

The only way to find out how the event feels like is to actually experience it...


The city center of Limassol...




3. On the day of the event you will receive an SMS with a password so that you can have ACCESS

4. Once at the ENTRANCE insert your ticket number

Questions & Answers

Anywhere you wish within Limassol! Ideally start anywhere between Anexartisias & Castle. Due to covid-19 we will not gather people in one place.

Each team can have 2 – 5 people.

It depends on your team speed and planning but to complete all tasks it would take 2.5 hours approx.

Well above 13 you can enter by yourself but if you are below 13 you will need at least one adult to help you 🙂

Hey you will be in the city so dress up as you wish…but you could wear a crazy funny outfit if you wish…you are allowed 🙂

1. Teams are able to view the challenges on the 31th of Οctober Sunday at 10:00 after they receive a password on the mobile phone number they submit whilst they on BOARD – sign UP – JOIN.

2. In order to solve the mystery you will need 2.5 hours approx.

3. Due to Covid-19 people will not be gathered in one place so teams can begin when it is more convenient for them and explore the city whilst completing challenges.

4. People will have challenges to choose from and none is obligatory.

5. Images & videos will be captured by using your phones.

6. Υou will need to have internet access in order to enter answers, uploading images & videos so you will need to use your 3G/4G or visit a cafeteria to do so when you are done and upload them whilst you enjoy your coffee, juice or water!

It is as easy as you want it and as hard as you want it. Meaning there are a series of crazy challenges that will grant your team with big points. The more you undertake, the better ranking you will get.

You can pay using Paypal or Visa | Master cards.

Prizes will be given next day 29/03/20! 
Winning teams will be notified for prize arrangement 🙂

It was 1st of January 2015 when we opened the doors of the first escape room in Cyprus. It was ClueJob and through the first 2 years of operating and after requests we had for team building activities for companies, we decided to close it down and launched Gamestery. What is unique about Gamestery is that it specializes in team building activities and has amazing feedback from companies.

We decided to partner with Gamestery in order to create a wonderful / colorful / gameful / playful / treasure hunt…which we call it SmileChase 🙂

PS. This is just the beginning of a magnificient idea!