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! Achieving things in life has a lot to do with setting goals. Below you will find a variety of goals that you can achieve or use them as inspiration for setting different ones. Once you achieve a goal, except the internal satisfaction that you receive, we will grant you with points and once you collect a number of will be granted with unique badges. is time for you to explore and you can do so once you are on BOARD = sign UP = JOIN


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Questions & Answers

There are various reasons why someone needs to set GOALS. Basically by setting goals it feels great for sure and most importantly it keeps a person in the right track. It is nice sometimes to just lay and relax but at the same time it is nice to PRO seed. 

In the future you will be able to right down your own goals but for now we added a lot of different goals that you could mark as achieved. Read them and a few might be something that would like to achieve ; )

You will need to contact US and we will be more than happy to reply : )

You can celebrate they way you enjoy the most…after everytime you set a GOAL, at the same time you can set a GIFT for your self! 

Badges are given after you receive a number of points. Once you receive a badge in the near future you will be able to order it and receive a unique emblem. But please as we cannot check if you have reached your goals, be honest with your self and you will shine the most : )

There is no best way and this is something you will have to figure out yourself. But what is really helpful is to have a schedule…and trust us a schedule does not restrict your freedom but it gives you more freedom and happiness. As you can achieve things, celebrate the achievement, enjoy your relax time and discipline will make you shine from within!